Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fun News!

So much going on lately.

First, I've moved my craft room to my daughter's old bedroom. I know, I know... I just got done reorganizing my old room, and then I move. But hey... that's the way I roll around here.

I would show you pictures, but, of course... the place is a disaster area. Already!!

I suppose I can show you a shot of Whitebrush Manor, and yes, that is the Farmhouse with the roof on. I think the Farmhouse and I have finally come to terms with each other since the last time I posted about it. Hooray!
Of course, if you look closely, you can see my Halloween quilt in progress hanging over the Manor's 3rd floor, and a couple of other unfinished projects stacked on top. Just don't look closely, mkay?

Now, I'm not opposed to show you the rest of my crafting genius... err... mess, but part of the reason it's so torn up is because I'm also working on a craft swap with some Greenleaf Forum peeps. I don't know if any of the participants read my blog, but I'd hate to show pictures here and then ruin the surprise for them before they get their swap items.

Sooo... you'll just have to wait. Cue the suspense!! <evil grin>

What I can show you is the most FABULOUS Etsy find from Jane at Minifanaticus. When I saw this posting, I knew I just had to have one all my very own. But how to choose??

After much hand-wringing and hem-hawing, I finally picked this guy:
I love his fangs! They totally won me over (aside from his rakishly debonair grin, of course).

As cool as he was in her photos, I wasn't expecting the level of detail that you see in person. She really has an amazing talent. AND he arrived in a box with lots of other goodies that Jane threw in for me.

Is she the best, or what?!?

I'm just so excited. I love the way one of his horns is broken off, and those candies are soooo tiny! I can't even imagine.
I already know where I'm going to put him, and I've got plans for the other stuff, too. As soon as I saw the book and parchment, I knew they'd be perfect in my haunted build. Since my favorite season is fall, and my favorite holiday is (naturally) Halloween, the candy dish, apple, and pumpkin just *might* be displayed year-round once Whitebrush Manor is built.

I see no problem with that. ;)

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  1. The manor is looking wonderful! I am gld you enjoyed your goodies, I am excited about Halloween as well, a good crafty time ;)