Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

It would appear that I only post during certain favorite holidays, but I'm sure *cough, cough* that will change with the coming of the new year!

Do you guys create a list of resolutions? I tell myself that I don't, that anything worth changing should be changed when you discover the need for the change, and yet somehow I always wind up with a laundry list of things I want to be different.

They're usually all the same, too... mini more, eat better, workout more than just moving from one side of my craft room to the other (do the squats I do when moving houses count as exercise? I'm thinking YES!).

ANYWAY, I'm already off to a banging start to my non-resolutions... I have spent the last week mini-ing my brains out AND I'm almost done with my very first completed mini-project ever! Can I get an "amen, sistah"?!

Remember the abandoned schoolhouse I talked about very briefly in this post? Wellll.....

Here's a sneak peek!
But no more until it's absolutely, totally, 100% finished! ;)

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