Saturday, June 27, 2015

Miniature Floral Arrangements

I love making flowers. Like, love LOVE making flowers. So I thought I'd share an arrangement that I made recently for LaJuanna, who is one of the Board members of our miniature club. Her birthday was Wednesday, so I gave it to her at our meeting on Monday night.

I started making a bunch of different flowers. The roses were made with an iris punch that I got from Ruth at Hanky Panky. I just played around with the petals until I found something I thought looked enough like a rose.
 And of course I made irises too, with the same punch (pleeeeaaase ignore the clutter in the background... it's how I roll, yo).
This is the finished arrangement. I used the yellow roses and irises in another pot, since they just didn't coordinate. The vase is a pottery piece that I made myself on a teeny-tiny pottery wheel (separate Texas Miniature Showcase post coming soon, I promise).
The lilies even have stamens!
I had SO much fun making this for LaJuanna's birthday. Hope you enjoy the eye candy. :)

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