Saturday, September 6, 2014

When Stressed Out - Organize!

I was so sick of my craft room being disorganized. Disorganized isn't even the word for it, though I'm not sure what is. Overflowing? Cramped? Too small?

Whatever. THIS had to change.

I realize that you can't really experience the entire room of my crap in the picture above, so I present Exhibit A:
 And Exhibit B:
 And... well, you get the picture. Oy.
I decided the first thing to go was the drawing board. Once that was out of the way, I moved the bookshelf to the opposite wall, which gave me room so I could move over the desk cabinet. But still... HOW did I wind up with this much crap?
I made piles of stuff to get rid of, and moved it out. Then I got my darling husband to help me push the cabinet over just a tad. I've got a rolling storage cart that fits perfectly into the space, and pulls out easily when I need to access the bookshelf.
I even went through the cabinet and purged a bunch of stuff I didn't remember having!

On the opposite side of the room, I have my closet (still sort of a work in progress) and supply cabinet.
 And, of course, the McKinley and another work table:
 I feel so much more free! And creative! And excited about all my projects!!
I suppose I can't do a post about my craft room without also mentioning the elephants in the room (and yes, one of them is pink).
My beloved Whitebrush Manor is sulking in the corner. I'm already itching to get back to her, so I'm sure it won't be too terribly long.
And, uh, I still have loads of crap... but at least it's in the guest room until I can figure out a way to deal with it.
And if all else fails, I'll just keep the door closed! ;)


  1. I like to call it the craftnado, it hits my workspace every couple of weeks, usually from me jumping around doing several things at once..then,,get uninspired in my piles of crap...then I do the big clean/organize and start the cycle of inspiration and craftnado building.

    You did really well on your space..come do mine now? ;)

    1. Sure, as long as you give me a FIMO lesson when we're done! ;)