Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dura-Craft Newberg - Rehab Project

I have done it again. This officially makes house/kit number seven! I think the most fascinating thing about this house is it's history.

I found it on Craigslist (of course) and when I arrived to pick it up, I asked the seller what its story was. She said she used to own a bar and one day it just showed up there. She asked around but no one knew where it came from or who had dropped it off. A mystery house!

I just can't help myself. There's just something about a cute little dilapidated house that I can't turn my back on.

Especially when it already has a little welcome mat.
I wasn't sure which kit it was, so I asked my buddies at the Greenleaf forum to find out. Sure enough, I had an answer back in less than 5 minutes. It's the Dura-Craft Newberg, minus the front porch roof.

The poor little thing needs so much love.
Windows gaping, floors sagging, walls missing, stairs broken, and... Crayola siding.
But it did come pre-decorated with some fancy artwork.
The house looks like it was put together with hot glue, which is always a big no-no. Unfortunately, hot gluing was recommended in the kit instructions back in the day. Over time, the hot glue breaks down and the house just falls apart.
At first I liked the way the shingles are kind of haphazardly set. Then I realized they were placed in columns. Now that I've noticed that, I can't unsee it, so they'll have to be redone too.
The whole drive to Ft. Worth to pick it up I'd been thinking of themes for it. I already have a haunted house build, so that's out. Then I thought of Santa's workshop, but that seems a little contrived. Gepetto's workshop? That could be super cute, with lots of clocks all over the walls (the house came pre-clocked already).
But on the way home, the house divulged it's plans for me. It will be Darlene's Pub, complete with a little hexagon mirror that will be perfect behind the bar!
The second and third floors will be where the owner/operator lives.
I think the exterior will look fabulous with a combination of brickwork and stucco, and maybe some English ivy growing up the side.
But for now, I have cleaned out a little corner of my craft room where it waits patiently for me to finish the porch and roof of Whitebrush Manor.
Soon, my precious. Soon.


  1. The Newberg will look great as a pub. Believe me, there are going to be many more houses in your future.
    I love what you are doing with Whitebrush Manor too. The colors are just beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much, Isabelle! I really appreciate it. And I agree (about future houses) but don't tell my husband! ;)